What I’m Working On:

I am currently querying my middle-grade fantasy novel.


The idea for my middle-grade fantasy novel came to me in a dream.  It played like a movie in my head, haunting me nightly until I started to get the idea down on paper.  Because it played like a film, I first wrote the screenplay, and then decided to further develop the idea into a book.

I love to use sticky notes when plotting my stories. It helps me plan chapters and scenes, while also giving me the ability to move things around.  

Some writers like to create a vision or mood board to show the overall mood and theme of their novel. Since I am a very visual person, I created a mood board for each chapter.  These helped me to see the world in my head and reminded me of my goals for the chapter. They were also useful to return to during revisions to ensure that what I wrote matched the world I hoped to capture.

Although not an artist, sometimes I attempt to draw and use graphics to create images to help me write.  Here are some examples….

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Who doesn’t love sticky notes?

Check out a few of my chapter mood boards: